17 Best Dog Breeds for Kids | Best Family Dogs for Children

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Our goal is to provide you with a list of the most popular dog breeds to consider when thinking of adopting a new four-legged friend. Of course, with such variety in terms of looks and personalities, there’s something for every kid and family. Our tips on choosing the best dog breeds for kids should help you find a dog breed best suited for your family!

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What is the price of Dog Breeds for Kids

The price of Dog Breeds for Kids is provided below in a table.

Newfoundland Dog65,00080,000Low
Staffordshire Bull Terrier35,00060,000High
Cocker Spaniel₹15500₹30600Low
Irish Setter40,00050,000Medium
Golden Retreiver15,50040,000Medium
Bichon Frise5,00,00017,00,000Medium
German Shepherd18,00040,000High

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17 Best Dog Breeds for Kids | Best Family Dogs for Children

  • Beagle
  • Newfoundland
  • Bull Terrier
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Irish Setter
  • Bulldog
  • Pug
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • Boxer
  • Bichon Frise
  • Collies
  • Chihuahua
  • Vizsla
  • Poodles
  • Pit Bulls
  • German Shepherds

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Dog Breeds for Kids: Beagle

The Beagle is a small dog breed native to Britain, initially bred as a hunting hound. It’s also known for its intelligence and friendly behavior around people. The Beagle is a small dog with an outsized personality. This pup loves nothing more than to bask in your attention and affection for hours. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon for a Beagle to become jealous if you pay any attention to anyone other than them—so be warned!

Beagles are often used as service dogs because of their loving nature and easy-going temperament. 

Dog Breeds for Kids

Beagle Basic Information

Basic InformationBeagle
GroupHound dog
Origin:United Kingdom
Height Male:14 – 17 inches
Height Female:12 – 15 inches
Weight Male:10 – 11 kg
Weight Female:9 – 10 kg
Life Span:12 – 16 Years
Litter Size:2 to 14
Size:Small dog

Cute beagle puppy 5 months to 5 years video

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Dog Breeds for Kids: Newfoundland

Isn’t it amazing to see a giant Newfoundland dog interacting with a young child? It appears that the Newfoundland shares an amazing and instant bond with any kid. And whenever you see them together, you may just think they were made for each other. Large and strong, the Newfoundland would make an excellent family companion and is equally good with kids as well as toddlers and infants. 

Often seen at the Dog Shows judging rings, these gentle giants can be reared, trained and bred by amateurs too. Though they require ample amount of space and eat heftily, these highly intelligent dogs are worth a try! 

Dog Breeds for Kids

Newfoundland Basic Information

Basic InformationNewfoundland
GroupWorking dog
Height Male:24 – 30 inches
Height Female:24 – 30 inches
Weight Male:45 – 80 kg
Weight Female:45 – 80 kg
Life Span:8 – 10 Years
Litter Size:12-Apr
Size:Giant dog


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Dog Breeds for Kids: Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers, being so enthusiastic and cheerful have always been sought after for companionship of children, Bull Terriers were under the spotlight for their involvement in dogfights. Although the bloodlines are now carefully bred to eliminate aggressive tendencies in their temperament, some individuals can be unruly and may attack little children or strangers who come too close to them.

Let’s be fair though: no dog is absolutely perfect. Fostering positive relationships with cat-agressive dogs requires time and effort from their owner. Many dog breeds, including Bull Terrier have a tendency to bark excessively all day long – but this can easily be fixed.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Bull Terrier Basic Information

Basic InformationBull Terrier
GroupTerrier dog
Origin:United Kingdom
Height Male:20 – 25 inches
Height Female:19 – 25 inches
Weight Male:24 – 29 kg
Weight Female:24 – 29 kg
Life Span:10 – 14 Years
Litter Size:12-Jan
Size:Medium dog

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Dog Breeds for Kids:  Cocker Spaniel

One of the smallest breeds of dog in India, Cocker Spaniel is an adorable breed that you can take with you on a long vacation trip. It is common among people who love taking their dogs along wherever they go. These dogs are very energetic and love being moved around and played with. Despite being a small breed, Cockers are easy to train as they learn quickly and respond well to praise and encouragement. Don’t be alarmed if your dog has a habit of chewing and biting objects he should not be chewing on, as this is pretty normal for a Cocker. 

Dog Breeds for Kids

Cocker Spaniel Basic Information

Basic InformationCocker Spaniel
Height Male:14-15 inches
Height Female:
Weight Male:20-30 pounds
Weight Female:
Life Span:10-15 years
Litter Size:(26-60 lbs.)

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Dog Breeds for Kids: Irish Setter

If you are searching for a great family pet, an Irish Setter would be the best choice. They are large, around 50 to 70 pounds, and have a long life span. Their looks are regal and they are very athletic. They are fun to look at, playful and friendly. They are wonderful with kids and they make excellent companions. They are also nice to meet and greet. They don’t run fast, but if you’re looking for a dog who can stay with you for a long time, an Irish Setter is ideal.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Irish Setter Basic Information

Basic InformationIrish Setter
GroupGun dog
Height Male:24 – 28 inches
Height Female:24 – 28 inches
Weight Male:25 – 34 kg
Weight Female:25 – 34 kg
Life Span:25 – 34 kg
Litter Size:11 – 15 Years

IRISH SETTER 🍀 Characteristics, Character and Health video

Dog Breeds for Kids: Bulldog

English Bulldog: It is one of the favorites of people who are searching for “Small Dog Breeds”.

The bulldog is an indelible image of the UK and is the country’s national dog. His popularity extends across all major nations and he’s now thought to be one of the most popular breeds in the world. The Bulldog is a great companion dog who, once fully grown and trained, can be very affectionate with family, although less so with strangers.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Bulldog Basic Information

Basic InformationEnglish Bulldog
GroupCompanion dog
Origin:United Kingdom
Height Male:12 – 16 inches
Height Female:12 – 16 inches
Weight Male:23 – 25 kg
Weight Female:18 – 23 kg
Life Span:8 – 12 Years
Litter Size:4 to 5
Size:Medium dog

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Dog Breeds for Kids: Pug

The pug is a small, stocky dog breed. They are known for their short, squished-in face, and are popular as house pets. Pugs are gentle and loving dogs but can be a bit willful at times. They make great companions and are known for their sense of humor. 

Dog Breeds for Kids

Pug Basic Information

Basic InformationPug
GroupToy dog
Height Male:9 – 15 inches
Height Female:9 – 15 inches
Weight Male:6 – 9 kg
Weight Female:6 – 9 kg
Life Span:12 – 14 Years
Litter Size:3 to 6
Size:Small dog

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Dog Breeds for Kids: Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is another popular dog breed recommended by pet owners in India as they suit well in families and make good friends in no time with people of all age groups. The Labrador retriever has held the No. 1 spot as the most popular dog breed in India for nearly three decades. Labrador Retriever has an average life span of years, and you can own it at a pretty pocket-friendly price. There’s no doubt Labrador retriever is one of the most common breeds in our country.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Labrador Retriever Basic Information

Basic InformationLabrador Retriever
GroupSporting dog
Height Male:22 – 25 inches
Height Female:21 – 24 inches
Weight Male:29 – 36 kg
Weight Female:25 – 32 kg
Life Span:10 – 13 Years
Litter Size:5 to 10
Size:Large dog

Labrador Retriever Home Video

Dog Breeds for Kids: Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a dog breed with its origin from Scotland and is one of India’s confident, kindest, and cheapest dog breeds. Golden Retriever was bred to retrieve shot freshwater birds like a duck. Golden Retrievers love water sports, and also, it’s a great athlete. Golden Retriever has advanced obedience, friendly and tolerant nature.

 Golden Retriever is usually outgoing, loyal, and eager to do its owner’s bidding, making it very easy to train. A healthy Golden Retriever puppy can cost you anything between Rs.20,000 to Rs.25,000 as long as you choose a reliable breeder or pet shop.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Golden Retriever Basic Information

Basic InformationGolden Retriever
GroupGun dog
Origin:United Kingdom
Height Male:22 – 25 inches
Height Female:20 – 23 inches
Weight Male:27 – 36 kg
Weight Female:25 – 32 kg
Life Span:10 – 12 Years
Litter Size:5 to 10
Size:Large dog


Dog Breeds for Kids: Boxer

Boxer is a German breed of dog with Old English Bulldog ancestry. Known for their strength and agility, Boxers make good watchdogs for families– but don’t worry, they’re not always serious. They are called so because they use their front paw more often at play and look like a boxer. Boxer is a medium-sized, Muscular and sturdy dog from Germany. Seeing their size and built, Boxer is ideal for all households, making them one of the popular dogs for a home in India.

Boxer has almost all the qualities to be recognized as the best companion and guard dog. Boxer is easily trainable and fairly reliable with children. This dog is very kind, caring, and protects small kids as anticipated. But If needed then, Boxer can be furious and protective.

Boxer dogs are brilliant and easily trainable. Boxer is a high-energy dog with strength and agility, making them good watchdogs.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Boxer Basic Information

Basic InformationBoxer
GroupWorking dog
Height Male:22 – 25 inches
Height Female:20 – 24 inches
Weight Male:27 – 32 kg
Weight Female:25 – 29 kg
Life Span:9 – 15 Years
Litter Size:3 to 12
Size:Large dog

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Dog Breeds for Kids: Collies

Rousers or Smooth Collies are among the best dogs for families. These breeds are known for their striking coats and alertness. Both types, however, require a lot of grooming. Rousers need a great deal of exercise. Border collies are good family dogs, too. They’re smart and fun to watch. Ask Lassie.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Collie Basic Information

Basic InformationCollie
GroupHerding dogs
Origin:United Kingdom
Height Male:22 – 25 inches
Height Female:22 – 25 inches
Weight Male:18 – 29 kg
Weight Female:18 – 29 kg
Life Span:14 – 16 Years
Litter Size:10-Jun
Size:Medium dog

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Dog Breeds for Kids

Dog Breeds for Kids: Chihuahua

Although they don’t have hair, chihuahuas are one of the most adorable toy dog breeds. Their loving personality makes them a perfect companion for kids and a delightful lap dog for anyone. They’re also very easy to train and have a great sense of loyalty. Their origins come from Mexico, so it makes sense that they love to snuggle in a sweater.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Chihuahua Basic Information

Basic InformationChihuahua
GroupToy dog
Height Male:5 – 10 inches
Height Female:5 – 10 inches
Weight Male:2 – 4 kg
Weight Female:2 – 4 kg
Life Span:12 – 20 Years
Litter Size:2 to 5
Size:Toy dog

You definitely want to have Chihuahua Dog after watching this video because they are Incredible

Dog Breeds for Kids

Dog Breeds for Kids: Vizsla

This breed of dog isn’t exactly well known; however, they’re an excellent choice for families with older kids. It is a loyal, friendly, and affectionate dog.

The Vizsla is also a very intelligent dog. It forms close bonds with its family and can learn new tricks quickly.Their coat is short, so they only need to groom themselves once a week.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Vizsla Basic Information

Basic InformationVizsla
GroupGun dog
Height Male:9 – 12 inches
Height Female:8 – 10 inches
Weight Male:20 – 30 kg
Weight Female:18 – 30 kg
Life Span:8 – 10 Years
Litter Size:6-Apr
Size:Medium dog

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Dog Breeds for Kids

Dog Breeds for Kids: Poodles

The list of small dog breeds in India includes Poodles as well. An intelligent and curious breed, they are perfect for people who want some training to be provided to their pets. They like playing games and being a part of a family. You can keep them without having any issues with health. If you are in India and are looking for small dog breeds, this is an excellent breed for you.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Poodle Basic Information

Basic InformationPoodle
GroupNon sporting dog
Height Male:13 – 18 inches
Height Female:13 – 18 inches
Weight Male:20 – 34 kg
Weight Female:20 – 28 kg
Life Span:12 – 15 Years
Litter Size:3 to 8
Size:Medium dog

Miniature Poodle – Medium Size Poodle Version video

Dog Breeds for Kids

Dog Breeds for Kids: Pit Bulls

In India, many popular dog breeds are used for different types of work. The dog is man’s best friend. There are several breeds of dogs in India, including one popular Breed, the Pitbull Dog. 

In India, pit bull dogs were even employed in the army to serve as keen watchdogs. They are easy to train and are very strong and difficult to kill. There are over 40 dog breed types in India. However, the most popular one is a pitbull dog breed. The Pitbull has a very muscular build and can be very aggressive if provoked and trained properly but friendly if socialized well.

Dog Breeds for Kids

Pitbull Dog Basic Information

Basic InformationPitbull Dog
Origin:United States
Height Male:18–21 inches
Height Female:17–20  inches
Weight Male:15.8–27.2 kg
Weight Female:13.6–22.6 kg
Life Span:8–15 years
Litter Size:5 to 10

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Dog Breeds for Kids

Dog Breeds for Kids: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is also an excellent guard dog, often part of K9 units as a police dog. German Shepherd also known as Alsatian dogs, are intelligent, brave, and loyal.

The German Shepherd dogs are well famous for their trainability, strength, and intelligence.

There are a lot of movies, magazines, websites, and television shows that feature the German Shepherd that even non-dog owners recognize the Breed. 

German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized Shepherd dog and one of the highly preferred dog breeds for the Indian climate. The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog, with its origin dating to 1899.

Dog Breeds for Kids

German Shepherd Basic Information

Basic InformationGerman Shepherd
GroupHerding dogs
Height Male:24 – 27 inches
Height Female:21 – 25 inches
Weight Male:34 – 44 kg
Weight Female:34 – 44 kg
Life Span:9 – 13 Years
Litter Size:1 to 15
Size:Large dog

The Greatest German Shepherds video

Dog Breeds for Kids

Best Dog Breeds for Kids – FAQ

What is the most child friendly dog?

Here’s a list of dogs that tend to make the best dogs for kids and families:
Bull Terrier.
Labrador Retriever.
Irish Setter.

What is the safest dog for a family?

5 Safest Dog Breeds
Labrador Retriever.
Golden Retriever.
Irish Setter.
Border Collie.

What is the best small family dog?

The Best Small Dogs for Families
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Bichon Frisé
French Bulldog.
Shih Tzu.
Miniature Schnauzer.

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