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Havanese dog Price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationHavanese
GroupToy dog
Height Male:9 – 11 inches
Height Female:8 – 10 inches
Weight Male:3 – 6 kg
Weight Female:2 – 5 kg
Life Span:14 – 16 Years
Litter Size:1 to 9
Size:Toy dog
Other Names:Havanese Cuban Bichon Bichón Havanés Havaneser Havanezer Bichon Habanero
Colors Available:colors all colors
Coat:coat type soft and curly
Grooming:High maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

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Havanese Dog Grooming Cost In India

The cost of grooming a Havanese dog in India will vary depending on the dog’s size, the coat’s length, and the level of care required. Generally, a basic grooming session will start at around Rs. 1000 and can go up to Rs. 3500 for a full groom.

Havanese Training Cost In India

The Havanese is a docile, intelligent dog that is easy to train. They are playful and loving, making them ideal pets for families with children. Housebreaking is usually quick and easy with this breed. 

As with all dogs, early socialization and obedience training is essential to help your Havanese puppy grow into a well-rounded adult dog.

The cost of training a Havanese in India will vary depending on your location, the training you need, and the trainer you choose. 

However, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 2500-5000 for basic obedience classes. The cost will be higher if you opt for private lessons or more specialized training, such as agility or show preparation.

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Havanese Dog Price in Major Indian Cities | Havanese Dog Price In Different States of India

States NameHavanese dog price in India
Andhra PradeshRs 25,500 to 35,500
Arunachal PradeshRs 25,500 to 35,500
AssamRs 25,500 to 35,500
BiharRs 25,500 to 35,500
ChhattisgarhRs 25,500 to 35,500
GoaRs 25,500 to 35,500
GujaratRs 25,500 to 35,500
HaryanaRs 25,500 to 35,500
Himachal PradeshRs 25,500 to 35,500
JharkhandRs 25,500 to 35,500
KarnatakaRs 25,500 to 35,500
KeralaRs 25,500 to 35,500
Madhya PradeshRs 25,500 to 35,500
MaharashtraRs 25,500 to 35,500
ManipurRs 25,500 to 35,500
MeghalayaRs 25,500 to 35,500
MizoramRs 25,500 to 35,500
NagalandRs 25,500 to 35,500
OdishaRs 25,500 to 35,500
PunjabRs 25,500 to 35,500
RajasthanRs 25,500 to 35,500
SikkimRs 25,500 to 35,500
Tamil NaduRs 25,500 to 35,500
TelanganaRs 25,500 to 35,500
TripuraRs 25,500 to 35,500
Uttar PradeshRs 25,500 to 35,500
UttarakhandRs 25,500 to 35,500
West BengalRs 25,500 to 35,500

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Havanese Veterinarian Cost In India

The cost of a Havanese veterinarian in India will vary depending on the services required, the clinic’s location, and the veterinarian’s experience. Some clinics may offer discounts for multiple pets or senior citizens.

havanese dog price in india
havanese dog price in india

Are Havanese easy to train?

Havanese are brilliant and responsive dogs, making them relatively easy to train. They can be stubborn sometimes, but patience and positive reinforcement will do the trick. 

Socialization is vital for the Havanese, as they tend to be shy around strangers.

Are Havanese aggressive?

The Havanese is a gentle, loving dog devoted to its family. It is not aggressive by nature but may bark at strangers or unfamiliar dogs.

Are Havanese good indoor dogs?

The Havanese is a small, sturdy dog with a short, dense coat. The coat can be any color or combination of colors, but most Havanese have a light-colored coat. 

The Havanese is an affectionate, playful dog that is good with children and other animals. They are intelligent and easily trained.

Havanese make good indoor dogs because they are not particularly active and do not require a lot of exercises. 

They are happy to lounge around the house and will only need a short walk or play session each day. Havanese are also relatively quiet dogs so they won’t disturb your neighbors with incessant barking.

havanese dog price in india
havanese dog price in india

Are Havanese high maintenance?

Havanese are gentle, companionable dogs that make wonderful family pets. They are outgoing and friendly with people and other animals and are not known for being barkers or guard dogs. 

However, they require some grooming to keep their coat healthy and free of mats and tangles. They are also known for being Velcro dogs, meaning they like to be close to their people and may become distressed if left alone for long periods. 

For these reasons, Havanese may not be the best breed for those who work long hours or do not have another dog for companionship.

havanese dog price in india
havanese dog price in india

How many colors do Havanese come in?

Havanese come in various colors: black, blue, silver, cream, gold, white, chocolate, red, and particolored. Some Havanese have two colors: black and silver or black and white.

Is Havanese suitable for first-time owners?

The Havanese is a good choice for first-time dog owners. They are intelligent, trainable, and make great companions. They are also small dogs, so they do not require a lot of space.

Do Havanese bark a lot?

No, Havanese dogs do not bark a lot. They are one of the breeds considered to be the “quietest” dogs.

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havanese dog price in India – FAQ

Is Havanese dog available in India?

The Havanese is a small, playful dog breed that originates from Cuba. They are known for their silky coat, which can be either long or short. The Havanese is not currently recognized by the Kennel Club of India, but that doesn’t mean they’re not available in the country.
There are a number of breeders who have Havanese dogs for sale, and the price can vary depending on the breeder and the specific dog. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 for a Havanese puppy in India.

How much does a Havanese puppy cost in India?

Havanese puppies are not very common in India, and as such, they can be quite expensive. Prices can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000, depending on the breeder and the quality of the puppy.
However, since Havanese are not a very popular breed in India, it is hard to find one for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a Havanese puppy, you may have to contact a breeder in another country.

Is Havanese dog expensive?

Havanese dogs are not expensive in India, with prices starting at around Rs. 5,000. However, they are not as common as other breeds, so you may have to search a bit to find one. Once you do, you will have a loyal, loving companion for life. Havanese are known for their affectionate nature and make great family pets.
They are also relatively easy to train and are not known to be barkers. A Havanese may be the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a small, devoted dog.

Havanese dog price in India

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