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Are you considering getting a Brussels Griffon dog? This breed is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and gentle nature. But before you bring one home, you must understand the cost of owning one in India. This blog post will cover everything you need about the Brussels Griffon’s price in India. Brussels Griffon dog price in India.

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Introduction to Brussels Griffon Dog Breeds

The Brussels Griffon is an adorable toy breed hailing from Brussels, Belgium. This spunky and playful breed came from humble beginnings, being bred initially to hunt vermin in the stables of Belgium.

The Brussels Griffon can be self-conscious around strangers, but they should do fine with other pets when properly introduced. Their unique facial expressions and endearing personalities make them a joy to be around.

Learn more about this charming breed, including their price range in India, grooming requirements, and health concerns.

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Brussels Griffon dog price In India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationBrussels Griffon
GroupToy dog
Height Male:7 – 8 inches
Height Female:6 – 8 inches
Weight Male:3 – 6 kg
Weight Female:2 – 5 kg
Life Span:10 – 12 Years
Litter Size:1-4
Size:Toy dog
Other Names:Griffon Belge • Griffon Bruxellois • Brussels Griffon • Petit Brabancon • Belgian Griffon • Griffon
Colors Available:red, black-and-reddish-brown (called belge), black and tan, and black
Coat:rough and smooth types
Grooming:Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:yes

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Average Price of Brussels Griffon in India

The average price of a Brussels Griffon puppy in India is approximately Rs. 60 to 1.00 Lakh. Most puppies can be found on Amazon in India for the same price, and there may be additional costs such as food, grooming supplies, and vaccinations.

Mr n Mrs. Pet is a great online pet shop that offers Brussels Griffon puppies of excellent quality at reasonable prices. Suppose you are looking to adopt a Brussels Griffon. In that case, you can also check out TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, which has an extensive list of reputable breeders offering healthy and purebred KCI-certified puppies.

Where to Buy a Brussels Griffon in India

When looking for a Brussels Griffon puppy in India, you can choose from pet shops, online stores, or rescue centers. Pet shops offer a wide selection of puppies, but it’s essential to research and ensure the puppy you purchase is healthy and not from a puppy mill.

Online stores also offer a selection of Brussels Griffon puppies, with the added bonus of comparing prices and reading reviews from other buyers. Rescue centers are a great option if you want to give an older dog a loving home and provide them with the care they need.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to ask questions and learn as much as you can about the breed before making your purchase.

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Grooming Requirements for Brussels Griffons

Grooming Requirements for Brussels Griffons vary depending on their coat type. The rough coats require brushing multiple times a week and coat stripping, while the smooth-coated Griffons require weekly brushing, with daily brushing during shedding season.

Shedding and grooming also depend on the length of the coat; skincare is essential for brachycephalic breeds like the Brussels Griffon. To keep your Griffons looking and feeling their best, you should groom them regularly and purchase quality grooming supplies.

Training a Brussels Griffon

Training a Brussels Griffon is integral to keeping them healthy and happy. As intelligent and stubborn dogs, they require patience and consistency to learn. Positive reinforcement is the key to success with Brussels Griffons, as they do not respond well to harsh punishment. Make sure to set aside time each day for training sessions that are consistent and fun for your pup. With dedication and patience, you can train your Brussels Griffon successfully.

Brussels Griffon dog price in India
Brussels Griffon dog price in India

Common Health Problems of a Brussels Griffon  

Common Health Problems of a Brussels Griffon include conditions typical for brachycephalic and toy breeds, such as eye defects, heart problems, and respiratory issues. While your Brussels Griffon may not experience these health issues, it’s essential to be aware of them and take preventive steps.

Responsible breeders will screen their stock for certain genetic health conditions, so be sure to ask any breeder you’re considering about the health of their pups. Additionally, investing in pet insurance can help to cover any unexpected vet bills in the future.

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Feeding Requirements for a Brussels Griffon

Feeding your Brussels Griffon is vital for their overall health and development, which is why it’s essential to understand the nutritional needs of this breed. Puppy food typically has twice the daily nutrient requirements of adult food to assist your puppy as he develops his bones, muscles, joints, and organs. High-quality dog food should contain all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs.

Since they hardly require any space for activity, they are ideal if you have children or senior citizens at home. To prevent obesity, feed your Brussels Griffon only the right portions of high-quality dog food (1/4 to 1/2 cup).

Exercise and Playtime for a Brussels Griffon  

Exercise and playtime are essential for any dog breed, and the Brussels Griffon is no exception. Despite its small size, this breed needs regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. A walk of around 40 minutes a day should be enough to keep your Griffon in good shape, though you may want to break this up into two shorter sessions depending on how active your pup is.

Playing games like fetch or tug-of-war are also great ways to keep your Griffon engaged and entertained. Always supervise playtime with other pets or children to ensure everyone stays safe.

Brussels Griffons Temperament

The Brussels Griffon is known for its lively, confident, and mischievous personality. They are affectionate and loyal to their family and are very attached to their owners. They tend to be friendly with strangers and other animals but can be wary of new situations. They are also brilliant and can learn commands quickly.

It is essential to provide the Brussels Griffon with consistent training and socialization from an early age to keep them happy and well-behaved. The Brussels Griffon can be a great addition to any family with proper care, training, and socialization.

Brussels Griffons Grooming

Brussels Griffons require some grooming based on the type of coat they have. The rough coat requires brushing several times per week with coat stripping, and the smooth coat requires brushing at least once weekly.

Regular brushing helps keep the fur clean and free of tangles. It is also essential to trim nails regularly and check their ears for signs of infection. With regular grooming, your Brussels Griffon will stay healthy and look great!

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Brussels Griffon dog price in India

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