Chippiparai dog price In India | Feeding Cost | cost of a Chippiparai in India | Chippiparai price in India [All Major Cities]

Are you looking for the perfect companion? The Chippiparai is a rare Indian dog breed known for its loyalty and intelligence. If you’re interested in learning more about this fantastic breed, read on to discover their price range. Chippiparai dog price in India.

We’ll also cover the characteristics of these incredible dogs and how to find them in India!

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Overview of the Chippiparai Dog

The Chippiparai is a sighthound breed native to Tamil Nadu in southern India. They are known for their intelligence, biddability, and energetic nature. On average, these dogs can cost between 5,000 and 20,000 rupees, depending on the quality of the puppy. 

It is important to note that while Chippiparai puppies can be found at a lower price, purchasing them from a reputable breeder is recommended. Additionally, these dogs require high-energy meals and regular grooming to maintain good health.

Chippiparai dog price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationChippiparai
GroupHound dog
Height Male:23 – 25 inches
Height Female:22 – 25 inches
Weight Male:15 – 20 kg
Weight Female:13 – 17 kg
Life Span:12 – 15 Years
Litter Size:4 to 6
Size:Medium dog
Other Names:none
Colors Available:Brindle & White Fawn & White Red Silver-grey
Coat:short, smooth
Grooming:Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

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Average Price Range of Chippiparai Dogs

The average price for a good-quality Chippiparai dog can range from 5,000 to 20,000 rs. However, you can get a Chippiparai dog at a much lower price if you know where to look. 

The breed name is Chippiparai, and the average height of the breed is 24-28 inches with a weight of 16-22 kilograms. Standard coat colors include white, cream, black and sable. 

With the proper care and attention, your Chippiparai will have an average life span of 13 to 14 years. When getting a puppy home, it’s essential to do some research and make sure that you’re buying from a reputable breeder, as many unscrupulous sellers may be trying to pass off an unhealthy animal as a purebred Chippiparai.

How to Find a Chippiparai Puppy

Finding a Chippiparai Puppy in India – Several options are available if you are looking for a Chippiparai puppy in India. You can visit a local pet shop or contact breeders to inquire about availability. 

You can also check online websites and classifieds to find puppies for sale. It is vital to ensure the puppy is healthy and well cared for before making a purchase. 

Additionally, asking questions about the dog’s parents and vet records is essential to ensure you get a quality pup. Additionally, it is crucial to consider the cost of purchasing a Chippiparai puppy, as they can range from 5,000 to 20,000 Rs.

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Breed Characteristics

The Chippiparai is a sighthound breed from the State of Tamil Nadu in southern India. The estimated population of Chippiparai dogs is approximately 6000. 

They are also known as Kanni (virgin) or vettainaai (hunting dog). These dogs have typical streamlined sighthound features with long ears and a coat color ranging from fawn to brown to black. They are medium in size, making them perfect for families looking for loyal and loving pets.

Life Span of a Chippiparai Dog

The life span of a Chippiparai Dog is typically 12 to 15 years. Though they may live longer depending on their diet and environment, it is essential to keep in mind that with proper care, a Chippiparai Dog can be a faithful companion for many years. Grooming and care are essential factors in ensuring the longevity of this breed. 

Your Chippiparai Dog will remain healthy and happy for many years with a proper diet and regular exercise.

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Are Chippiparai Dogs Aggressive?

The Chippiparai breed is known for its low aggression but may show aggression in certain situations. 

They can be protective of their families, and as such, they need a lot of socialization and obedience training early on. It’s important to note that a Chippiparai should never be left alone with small children or animals due to their size and strength. 

With proper training and socialization, however, the Chippiparai can be a loving companion for many years.

Chippiparai dog price in india
Chippiparai dog price in India

Getting a Chippiparai Puppy Home

With the growing demand for this breed, it’s essential to be aware that buying a Chippiparai puppy can be quite an expensive affair. Prices can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 22,000, depending on the source and area. If you want to get your Chippiparai puppy from a breeder, it is essential to research and finds a reputable one. 

It would be best to consider the cost of vaccinations and other healthcare needs before making your final decision. Once you have found your perfect pup, it is time to arrange to get him/her home.

Grooming and Care of a Chippiparai Dog

The grooming and care of a Chippiparai dog are essential. Regular brushing and bathing are essential for keeping their coats clean and healthy. Additionally, it’s important to keep their nails trimmed and to provide them with regular exercise. 

To ensure that your Chippiparai dog remains healthy, it is essential to feed them a balanced diet with plenty of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

It is also essential to make sure they get enough rest and sleep. Lastly, regular veterinary checkups are essential for maintaining the health of your Chippiparai dog.

Chippiparai Dog Cost in India

The average cost of a Chippiparai Dog in India can range from 5,000 to 20,000 Rupees depending on the quality and age of the pup. However, if you’re lucky, you can find a Chippiparai puppy cheaper.

Male puppies are usually priced higher than female puppies, with an average cost ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 Rupees. It is important to remember that the life span of a Chippiparai is 13-14 years, so getting a puppy home should be done with careful consideration and thought. 

To ensure your new pup stays healthy and happy, it is also essential to take proper care of him/her and provide regular grooming.


In conclusion, the Chippiparai dog is a popular and rare breed from South India. It is a loyal, energetic, and intelligent companion that is perfect for active families. Depending on where you purchase it, the average cost of a Chippiparai puppy or dog can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000. 

It is always best to buy the puppy from a reputable breeder to ensure its health and safety. With proper love and care, your Chippiparai will become an essential part of your family in no time!

Chippiparai Dog price in India 2021 | Chippiparai dog breed video

Chippiparai dog price in India

Chippiparai dog price in indi

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