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Saint Bernard is a large, powerfully built dog with a long, thick coat. They were originally bred for rescue work in the Swiss Alps and are still used for that purpose today. They are also popular pets and make excellent guard dogs. The price of a Saint Bernard dog in India varies depending on the breeder and the animal’s breadline, but they typically range from ₹20,000 to ₹40,000. 

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Saint Bernard Dog Price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationSaint Bernard
GroupWorking dog
Height Male:24 – 28 inches
Height Female:23 – 28 inches
Weight Male:54 – 90 kg
Weight Female:52 – 85 kg
Life Span:8 – 10 Years
Litter Size:4 to 9
Size:Giant dog
Other Names:St. Bernhardshund Bernhardiner Alpine Mastiff (archaic)
Colors Available:redish- Brown and white with a black mask to blond and white with black mask
Coat:rough or smooth
Grooming:High maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes
  • The average height of a male Saint Bernard is 28-30 inches.
  • The average height of a female Saint Bernard is 26-28 inches.
  • The average weight of a male Saint Bernard is 140-180 pounds
  • The average weight of a female Saint Bernard is 120-140 pounds
  • The average Life expectancy of a Saint Bernard is between 8-10 years.
  • The Standard color of Saint Bernard is reddish- Brown and white with a black mask to blond and white with a black mask.

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Maintenance cost of a Saint Bernard Dog In India

In India, the maintenance cost of a Saint Bernard dog is relatively high due to their size and needs. They require a lot of food, and their thick coat needs to be brushed regularly to prevent matting. They also require a lot of exercises, so owners need to be prepared to walk them several times a day. 

Overall, Saint Bernard is a beautiful breed that makes a loyal companion, but they are not always the easiest dog to take care of.

Saint Bernard Price In India (2022)

Saint Bernard is a large-sized dog breed originating from the Swiss and Italian Alps. Saint Bernard is known for its size, strength, and agility. Saint Bernard is also known for its loyalty and affection towards its family and friends. 

Saint Bernard is a popular family pet and is also used as a working dog in many different ways. The average price of a Saint Bernard in India is around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000. 

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Saint Bernard Price In Delhi

A dog worth ₹39,000 in Delhi will cost you anywhere from ₹30,000 to ₹100,000 depending on the quality of the breed and the type of breeder you are getting it from.

Saint Bernard Price In Kolkata

A Saint Bernard puppy’s price in Kolkata ranges between ₹39,000 and ₹50,000, the show quality breed can go up to ₹1,00,000.

Saint Bernard Price In Pune

Saint Bernard puppies in Pune can cost between ₹39,000 and ₹50,000. Prices may vary depending on the availability of the dog and the breeder’s reputation.

Saint Bernard Puppy Price In Mumbai

The price of a Saint Bernard puppy in Mumbai can range from ₹40,500 to ₹50,500. Prices may be negotiable depending on the breeder.

Saint Bernard Price In Bangalore

The average price of a Saint Bernard puppy in Bangalore is between ₹40,500 to ₹50,500. The price may vary depending on the quality of the puppy.

Saint Bernard Puppy Price In Hyderabad

Saint Bernard’s puppy price in Hyderabad ranges anywhere from ₹39,500 to ₹50,500 depending on the breeder.

Saint Bernard Dog Price in Major Indian Cities | Saint Bernard Dog Price In Different States of India 

Mumbai₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Delhi₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Bangalore₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Hyderabad₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Ahmedabad₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Chennai₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Kolkata₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Nagpur₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Indore₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Thane₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Bhopal₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Visakhapatnam₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Surat₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Pune₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Patna₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Vadodara₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Ghaziabad₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Jaipur₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Lucknow₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Kanpur₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Ludhiana₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Agra₹39,500 to ₹50,500
Nashik₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Srinagar₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Allahabad₹40,500 to ₹50,500
Howrah₹38,800 to ₹50,500
Ranchi₹38,700 to ₹50,500
Coimbatore₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Vijayawada₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Chandigarh₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Gurgaon₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Bhubaneswar₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Noida₹38,500 to ₹50,500
Kochi₹38,500 to ₹50,500

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Saint Bernard Dog Grooming Cost In India

A Saint Bernard dog grooming cost in India can be very affordable. There are plenty of reputable dog groomers in India that can provide a high-quality service at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay in Western countries.

The most important factor to consider when looking for a good dog groomer in India is their experience and reputation. Make sure to read reviews and ask around for recommendations before making your decision. Once you’ve found a few reputable options, take the time to compare their prices and services to find the best deal. 

Saint Bernard Training Cost In India 

Saint Bernard is a large, powerful dog that originates from the Swiss Alps. Although they are often portrayed as lazy and docile, they are actually very intelligent and trainable dogs. They are excellent working dogs and are often used in search and rescue missions. 

Saint Bernards need a lot of exercise and training in order to stay healthy and happy. They are not the easiest dogs to train, but with patience and consistency, it is possible to train them to be well-behaved.

The cost of training a Saint Bernard in India can vary depending on the trainer and the individual needs of the dog. However, it is important to note that this breed of dog requires a lot of time, patience, and effort to train properly. 

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Saint Bernard Veterinarian Cost In India

Although Saint Bernard dogs are not native to India, their popularity has grown in recent years. Because of their large size, they can be difficult to care for and often require special equipment and supplies that can be expensive. The cost of a Saint Bernard veterinarian in India can vary depending on the services required, but it is important to budget for this expense in order to keep your pet healthy and happy. 

Saint Bernard dog price In India
Saint Bernard dog price In India

Saint Bernard Temperament

Wherever you go, a Saint wishes to be there as well. She is a dedicated family dog who is too dignified to cling and too polite to bark excessively. A Saint is happiest when surrounded by all of her fellow human beings, particularly youngsters. She has boundless patience for children who are kind to her.

Given that Saint Bernard is so calm and kind, it is easy to ignore her size as a potential danger. According to the Saint Bernard Club, like to other large breeds, Saints have an extended adolescence, typically until age 2. (SBCA). For some individuals, especially smaller children, a 100-pound puppy with unending slobbery kisses to share and boundless happy energy can be a bit overwhelming.

Saint Bernard Grooming

Saint Bernards are available in both long-haired and short-haired forms, but both coat types require the same maintenance. Brushing the dog weekly will help eliminate dirt and loose hair and keep him looking his best. With a slicker brush or metal comb, any tangles can be removed. During the twice-yearly shedding seasons, brushing will become a daily activity. The occasional bath will maintain the Saint’s appearance and odor. As with all breeds, the nails should be cut on a regular basis, as excessively long nails can be unpleasant and cause issues with walking and running.

Saint Bernard Excercise

Despite being a large and strong breed, St. Bernard requires only modest activity. One lengthy stroll or thirty minutes of play every day should be sufficient to maintain his health and happiness. Obviously, 

if his owner desires to travel on longer walks, backpacking trips, or camping excursions, a Saint is always eager to accompany him. Saints frequently like dragging small children in carts, and some even compete in carting and drafting events. A Saint is happiest when engaging in activities with his master.

Saint Bernard Food/Nutrition

Saint Bernard should thrive on high-quality dog food that is appropriately developed for large breeds, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared under the supervision and consent of your veterinarian. Any diet must be age-appropriate for the dog (puppy, adult, or senior). Some dogs are prone to obesity, therefore you should monitor your dog’s caloric intake and weight. 

Treats can be a valuable training aid, but feeding too much can lead to obesity. Determine which human foods are safe and which are not for dogs. Consult your veterinarian if you are concerned about your dog’s weight or diet. Clean, fresh water should always be available. Saint Bernard is susceptible to bloat, a potentially fatal illness in which the stomach swells and twists. Experts believe that eating many modest meals per day and avoiding strenuous exercise around mealtimes may lessen the likelihood of developing bloat.

Saint Bernard dog price In India
Saint Bernard dog price In India

Are Saint Bernards easy to train?

While Saint Bernards are not typically known for being the easiest dogs to train, with consistency and patience, most Saint Bernards can be successfully trained. Saint Bernards are large, strong dogs with minds of their own, so it is important to start training early and be firm but gentle when giving commands. 

Potty training may take some time and patience as Saint Bernards are prone to being lazy, but once they understand what is expected of them, they can be very obedient dogs. Like all dogs, Saint Bernards need plenty of exercise, so including training in their daily routine will help to keep their minds sharp and prevent boredom. Overall, with some extra time and effort, Saint Bernards can be wonderful, loyal companions. 

Are Saint Bernards aggressive?

Most Saint Bernards are gentle and calm, however, some may be more aggressive due to lack of socialization or previous bad experiences. It is important to properly socialize your Saint Bernard so that they are comfortable around people and other animals. If Saint Bernard does show signs of aggression, professional help may be necessary to correct the behavior. 

How much do Saint Bernard shed?

Saint Bernard’s are known to be gentle giants, but did you know they also shed a lot? If you’re thinking of getting a Saint Bernard, be prepared to vacuum often! They have a thick double coat that protects them from cold weather and sheds year-round. While they don’t require as much grooming as some other breeds, their shedding can be excessive. If you can’t handle dog hair, a Saint Bernard may not be the right breed for you. 

Are Saint Bernard good indoor dogs?

Although Saint Bernards are large dogs, they can be good indoor dogs. They are gentle and loving, and they make great companions. Saint Bernards are also very loyal, and they will always stick by your side. 

Saint Bernard dog price In India
Saint Bernard dog price In India

Are Saint Bernard high maintenance?

Yes, Saint Bernards are high maintenance. They need a lot of food and exercise, and they shed a lot. They also drool and slobber, which can be a mess. But they are also sweet, gentle dogs that make great companions. So if you’re up for the challenge, a Saint Bernard can be a great addition to your family. 

How many colors do Saint Bernard come in?

A Saint Bernard’s coat can be one of many colors, including red and white, brindle, or black and white. Some have a single color, while others may have multicolored coats. The most important thing to remember when choosing a Saint Bernard is that they are all individuals with their own unique personalities, no matter what their coat looks like. 

Is a Saint Bernard good for first-time owners?

A Saint Bernard is not recommended for first-time owners. Saint Bernards are large, active dogs that require a lot of space to run and play. They also need a lot of daily exercise, which may be difficult for first-time dog owners to provide. Saint Bernards are also known to be very drooly, so be prepared to have your furniture and floors covered in slobber! If you’re looking for a big, lovable dog, but don’t think you can handle the mess, consider another breed. 

Is it better to get a male Saint Bernard or a female Saint Bernard?

When deciding whether to get a male or female Saint Bernard, there are a few things to consider. Male Saint Bernards are typically larger than females, so if you’re looking for a big dog, a male is usually the way to go.

Females are usually more affectionate and easier to train than males, so if you want a dog that’s cuddly and easy to obedience train, a female might be the better choice. Ultimately, the decision of which gender of Saint Bernard to get depends on your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in a dog. 

Do Saint Bernards bark a lot?

Do Saint Bernards bark a lot? No, they don’t. In fact, they are one of the quietest dog breeds. They are gentle and good-natured, which makes them great family pets. 

Is Saint Bernard a family dog?

Yes, Saint Bernard is a family dog. They are gentle, patient, and loving, making them great with children. They are also very loyal and protective of their family, making them great guard dogs. Saint Bernard is a large breed of dog, so they will need plenty of space to run and play. They are also a very active breed, so they will need plenty of daily exercises. 

Is Saint Bernard hypoallergenic?

There are a lot of mixed opinions on whether Saint Bernard’s are hypoallergenic or not. Some say that they are, some say that they aren’t, and some say that it really varies from dog to dog. The only way to really know for sure is to spend time around one and see how you react. However, what we do know is that Saint Bernard’s have very little fur compared to other dog breeds, which means there is less chance of you being allergic to them. 

What is the best dog food for a Saint Bernard?

There are a lot of different options when it comes to food for a Saint Bernard. However, the best food for a Saint Bernard is one that is high in protein and fat. This is because Saint Bernards are a large breed of dog and need a lot of energy to maintain their size. The best food for a Saint Bernard will also have a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy and strong. 

What is the average Saint Bernard Puppy price in India?

The average Saint Bernard puppy price in India is Rs. 45,000. This price can range depending on the breeder, location, and availability. When looking for a Saint Bernard puppy, it is important to do your research to find a reputable breeder with healthy puppies. Prices may be negotiable depending on the breeder, so it is important to ask around and compare prices before making a purchase. 

Saint bernard puppy growing up . 2 to 20 months video

Cost of a Saint Bernard Dog In India – FAQ

Can St Bernard survive in India?

yes, but it will be a challenge. The climate in India is very hot and humid, which can be tough for a dog bred for cold weather. They will also need plenty of space to exercise, and access to cool water during the day.

How calm are Saint Bernards?

Saint Bernards are one of the calmest breeds of dogs. They are gentle giants, and are known for being great with children. They are calm and patient, and make great family pets. They do require a lot of exercise, but once they have had their daily walk, they are happy to curl up and relax. 

Are Saint Bernards cuddly?

While Saint Bernards are large dogs, they are also very gentle. This breed is known for being friendly and good with children. They are also known for being loyal and protective of their family. While they may not be the most cuddly breed, they are definitely good natured dogs that make great companions. 

Saint Bernard dog price In India

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