Thai Bangkaew dog price In India | Feeding Cost | Cost of a Thai Bangkaew in India | Thai Bangkaew Price in India [All Major Cities]

If you’re looking for a unique and loyal companion that will stand by your side through thick and thin, the Thai Bangkaew Dog might be the perfect fit. Originating from Thailand, these dogs are known for their strong character and bravery. 

However, with such a unique and distinct breed comes a higher price tag. 

This blog will examine the Thai Bangkaew Dog price in India and what factors may affect it. So if you’re considering adding one of these furry friends to your family, read on to learn more! Thai bangkaew dog price in India

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Thai Bangkaew dog price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationThai Bangkaew
GroupHerding dogs
Height Male:18 – 21 inches
Height Female:6 – 8 inches
Weight Male:20 – 26 kg
Weight Female:20 – 14 kg
Life Span:12 – 14 Years
Litter Size:6 – 8
Size:Medium dog
Other Names:Thai Bangkaew dog, Bangkaew
Colors Available:brown and black , red, gray
Coat:double coat short under, long guard hairs outer
Grooming:Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

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1. Introduction to the Thai Bangkaew Dog Breed

The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a unique breed that originated in Thailand and has a life span of 10-12 years. 

These dogs are known for their strong and protective nature, making them guard dogs effectively. They have a muscular build and a thick coat which can be seen in various color patterns like black, brindle, and white. 

The Thai Bangkaew Dog price range in India can vary depending on different factors such as age, location, and breeder. Additionally, annual vet expenses can add up to a significant amount, making it essential for owners to consider pet insurance for their beloved pets. 

Training, diet, and socializing are also important aspects of pet care for these dogs, and owners should be prepared for regular shedding as they are not hypoallergenic. If you are interested in buying a Thai Bangkaew Dog in India, it is vital to research reputable breeders to ensure a healthy and happy pup.

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2. Origin and Life Span of Thai Bangkaew Dogs

The Thai Bangkaew Dog, also known as the Bangkaew or Thai Bangkaew, is a spitz-type dog breed that originated in Bangkaew, a district in Phitsanulok, Thailand. Compared to other dog breeds, the Thai Bangkaew Dog is relatively new, developed only in the last century. 

The breed’s exact origin is unknown, but it is believed that these dogs were already bred from various spitz-type dogs in the region. 

These dogs were primarily used as hunting companions and watchdogs by local villagers. The average life span of a Thai Bangkaew Dog is between 12 to 14 years. 

Proper care, training, and a balanced diet can help extend their lifespan. It is also essential to keep up with regular vet check-ups and provide them with proper exercise and socialization.

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3. Physical Traits and Appearance of Thai Bangkaew Dogs

The Thai Bangkaew Dog breed is known for its striking appearance and unique features. These medium-sized dogs have muscular bodies and thick, double-layered coats, typically black or brown with white markings. 

The most distinctive feature of the Thai Bangkaew is their triangular-shaped ears that stand tall and pointy. They also have bushy tail that tends to curl upwards. 

These dogs have sharp, alert expression that gives them an intense look. With their muscular build and fascinating features, Thai Bangkaew Dogs are a popular choice for pet ownership in India. However, their specific traits and characteristics must be considered when purchasing or adopting them.

Thai bangkaew dog price in India
Thai bangkaew dog price in India

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4. Thai Bangkaew Dog Price Range

When considering bringing a Thai Bangkaew Dog into your family, you must understand the price range you can expect to pay. 

While the cost can vary depending on location and breeder reputation, a rough estimate places the price between Rs. 35,000/- Rs. 50,000/-. 

However, the price can go significantly higher for those who prioritize good breeding and bloodlines. 

It is crucial to ensure that the breeder is reputable, as buying a cheaply priced dog from an untrusted breeder can lead to long-term health and behavioral issues. 

In addition, potential owners should be aware of the annual vet expenses associated with owning a Thai Bangkaew, which can range from Rs. 55,000/- to Rs. 80,000/-. Investing in pet insurance can help offset these costs.

5. Factors Affecting Thai Bangkaew Dog Price in India

Several factors can affect the price of a Thai Bangkaew Dog in India. One of the most significant factors is the purity and pedigree of the dog. 

Dogs from reputable breeders with proper documentation and registration will come at a higher price than those from informal breeders. 

Other factors include the dog’s age, with younger puppies typically fetching a higher price. Additionally, the location and accessibility of the breeder can also influence the price. 

It’s also important to note that the price may vary depending on the demand for the breed in a particular area. However, regardless of these factors, it’s essential to prioritize the health and welfare of the dog over the price. 

By finding a reputable breeder and investing in proper care, training, and pet insurance, pet owners can ensure a happy and healthy life for their Thai Bangkaew Dog.

6. Annual Vet Expenses for Thai Bangkaew Dogs

When considering getting a Thai Bangkaew Dog, it’s essential to factor in annual vet expenses. 

According to factual data, these expenses typically range from Rs. 55,000/- to Rs. 80,000/- annually. 

This may seem like a lot, but investing in your dog’s health is crucial for its well-being and can prevent more extensive, costly medical issues. 

Additionally, it’s important to consider pet insurance as a way to alleviate some of these costs. 

While vet expenses may add up, the love and companionship a Thai Bangkaew Dog can bring to your life are priceless.

7. Importance of Pet Insurance for Thai Bangkaew Dogs

Owning a pet involves a lot of responsibilities, including their health and well-being. As a pet parent, preparing for unexpected medical expenses is essential. 

That’s why pet insurance is crucial for Thai Bangkaew Dogs. Pet insurance covers various medical expenses, including surgeries, medications, and check-ups. 

It ensures your pet receives the best care possible without worrying about the financial burden. In addition, some pet insurance companies offer routine healthcare plans, which cover preventative care, such as vaccinations and dental cleaning. 

By investing in pet insurance, you can ensure your furry friend receives proper medical care without compromising.

8. Training, Diet, and Socializing of Thai Bangkaew Dogs

When owning a Thai Bangkaew dog, training, diet, and socializing are essential for ensuring your pup grows up to be a happy and healthy companion. 

Early training and socialization are crucial for this energetic and intelligent breed to prevent unwanted behaviors such as aggression, fearfulness, or separation anxiety. 

A balanced diet is also vital for ensuring your Thai Bangkaew dog receives all the nutrients they need to maintain good health and a shiny coat. 

Additionally, providing your dog with plenty of exercise and opportunities to socialize with humans and other dogs can help prevent boredom and reduce bad behavior. 

Focusing on these aspects of pet care ensures your Thai Bangkaew dog is a happy and well-behaved family member.

9. Shedding and Hypoallergenic Properties of Thai Bangkaew Dogs

Thai Bangkaew Dogs are known to be a relatively low-maintenance breed for grooming and shedding. 

They have a short, dense coat that is easy to maintain but sheds somewhat year-round. Being a non-hypoallergenic breed, Thai Bangkaew Dogs may not be suitable for those with allergies to pet dander. 

Regular brushing and occasional baths help minimize shedding and reduce dander production. Keeping their environment clean and free from dust and debris could also help with allergies. 

As with any breed, proper care and grooming could significantly improve the health and well-being of the Thai Bangkaew Dog and reduce the risk of skin and coat problems. 

Potential owners must consider these factors before bringing a Thai Bangkaew Dog into their home.

10. Where to Buy Thai Bangkaew Dogs in India.

Several options are available if you’re interested in purchasing a Thai Bangkaew Dog in India. 

You can start by checking with local breeders or pet stores specializing in purebred dogs. 

However, it’s essential to research and ensures that the breeder or store is reputable and follows ethical breeding practices. You can also consider adopting a Thai Bangkaew Dog from a rescue organization or shelter. 

Many rescue groups focus on specific dog breeds, and you may be able to find a Thai Bangkaew Dog that needs a loving home. Remember that the price may vary depending on where you buy the dog, so be sure to factor in any additional expenses such as travel, vaccinations, and initial supplies.

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Thai bangkaew dog price in India

Thai Bangkaew dog price In India

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