Karelian Bear dog price In India | Feeding Cost | Cost of a Karelian Bear in India | Karelian Bear Price in India [All Major Cities]

Are you on the lookout for a skilled and loyal hunting dog? Do you want a dog that can handle harsh conditions and has an excellent sense of smell? Then look no further than the Karelian Bear Dog! 

Originating in Finland, this breed is gaining popularity in India because of its hunting abilities and fearlessness. But before adopting one, knowing the Karelian Bear Dog price in India is essential. 

This blog will provide all the information you need regarding the price, possible sources to purchase one, and how to take care of your Karelian Bear Dog once it becomes a part of your family. Karelian bear dog price in India

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Karelian Bear dog price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationKarelian Bear Dog
GroupWorking dog
Height Male:21 – 24 inches
Height Female:21 – 24 inches
Weight Male:20 – 23 kg
Weight Female:20 – 23 kg
Life Span:10 – 12 Years
Litter Size:4 – 8
Size:Medium dog
Other Names:Karjalankarhukoira
Colors Available:Black and White
Coat:Shortish and dense
Grooming:Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

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1. What are Karelian Bear Dogs?

Karelian Bear Dogs are a distinct breed of hunting dogs with a rich history in Finland and Russia. With their exceptional hunting skills and fearless nature, these dogs are known for their ability to hunt bears, elk, and other large game in harsh wilderness conditions. 

Being intelligent and loyal, Karelian Bear Dogs also make excellent companions and working dogs. 

Karelian Bear Dogs are gaining popularity among dog lovers and hunting enthusiasts in India because of their unique abilities and characteristics. 

This article will explore the history of Karelian Bear Dogs in India, the cost of owning one, and other essential information about these fantastic dogs.

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2. The history of Karelian Bear Dogs in India

Karelian Bear Dogs have been around for centuries, originating from the Karelia region between Finland and Russia. They were initially bred to hunt big game, such as bears and moose, and were recognized as their breed in Finland in 1946. 

Karelian Bear Dogs are relatively new in India, and their popularity is slowly growing. 

They are favored by those looking for a fearless and loyal companion and those in the forestry department who need reliable dogs to track and chase animals away from human habitats. As with any dog, it’s essential to research the breed and understand its needs before committing to one. 

In the following sections of this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the cost, training, health concerns, and other essential aspects of owning a Karelian Bear Dog in India.

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3. The cost of owning a Karelian Bear Dog in India

Owning a Karelian Bear Dog in India can be quite expensive. The cost of a Karelian Bear Dog in India can range from around ₹50,000 to ₹1 lakh, depending on the breeder and the dog’s lineage. 

However, the initial cost is not the only expense of owning a dog. Karelian Bear Dogs require care and attention, including regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, food, and grooming. 

Additionally, owners should be prepared to spend on training, socialization classes, and insurance fees. It’s important to factor in these ongoing costs before bringing a Karelian Bear Dog into your life. 

Nevertheless, owning a Karelian Bear Dog in India can be a gratifying experience for those willing to invest in their furry companion.

Karelian bear dog price in India
Karelian bear dog price in India

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4. Where to find Karelian Bear Dogs for sale in India

Interested in bringing a Karelian Bear Dog into your home in India? Luckily, there are a few places where you can find these furry friends for sale. 

Local pet shops and breeders may carry Karelian Bear Dogs, but it’s essential to research and ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable source. 

No matter where you find your Karelian Bear Dog, ask for documentation of health clearances and other important information before purchasing or adopting.

5. Choosing the right breeder for a Karelian Bear Dog in India

When finding the right breeder for a Karelian Bear Dog in India, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, it’s essential to find a breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs. 

They should be able to provide you with health certificates and genetic testing for any potential health issues. Additionally, you want to meet the breeder in person and see how they interact with their dogs. 

It would be best to ask for references from previous owners to ensure they have a good reputation. Lastly, ensure the breeder is knowledgeable about the breed and can answer any questions. 

Finding the right breeder can ensure you bring home a healthy and happy Karelian Bear Dog.

6. Training and socializing Karelian Bear Dogs in India

Training and socializing Karelian Bear Dogs are essential to owning one in India. These dogs are brilliant and independent, making them great working dogs and potentially problematic pets if not properly trained and socialized. 

It’s important to start training and dating Karelian Bear Dogs at a young age to ensure they grow up well-behaved and adaptable. This breed responds well to positive reinforcement training methods and is highly trainable for tracking, hunting, and guarding tasks. 

Socializing your Karelian Bear Dog means exposing them to new people, animals, and environments to prevent fearfulness or aggression. 

Consistent and patient training, proper socialization, and plenty of exercises will help ensure you have a happy and well-behaved Karelian Bear Dog in India, whether they are a working dog or family pet.

7. Health Concerns of Karelian Bear Dogs in India

One of the most important factors to consider when bringing a Karelian Bear Dog into your home is its health. 

As with any breed of dog, Karelian Bear Dogs can be prone to certain health conditions that could require costly treatments. It is essential to consider the potential vet bills when bringing a new pet into your family. 

While it is impossible to guarantee that your dog will never get sick, choosing a reputable breeder can significantly reduce the likelihood of your Karelian Bear Dog developing any genetic health conditions. Regular vet visits, a nutritious diet, and exercise, are crucial for maintaining your dog’s health. 

By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your Karelian Bear Dog has a long and happy life in India.

8. Exercise and grooming needs of Karelian Bear Dogs in India

Regarding Karelian Bear Dogs in India, potential owners must understand their exercise and grooming needs. 

These dogs are highly energetic and require significant outdoor activity to stay healthy and happy. Their dense double coating for grooming requires regular brushing to prevent matting and promote healthy skin and fur. 

While they don’t require frequent bathing, ensuring they are clean and free from pests or parasites is crucial. 

Maintaining regular vet checkups and vaccinations is also critical for their overall health. With proper care and attention to their exercise and grooming needs, Karelian Bear Dogs can make wonderful and loyal pets in Indian households.

9. What to expect when bringing a Karelian Bear Dog home in India

When bringing a Karelian Bear Dog home in India, there are a few things to remember. 

Firstly, it’s crucial to have a secure and spacious area for the dog to roam and play, as they have high energy levels and enjoy exploring their surroundings. 

Training and socialization are crucial for this breed, so owners should have the time and commitment to providing their new furry friend extensive exercise, mental stimulation, and social interaction.

Secondly, grooming is essential to maintain healthy skin and fur. Karelian Bear Dogs have thick coat that sheds heavily twice a year, requiring regular brushing and occasional bathing. Additionally, owners should look for health concerns, such as hip dysplasia, eye problems, or allergies, and seek veterinary care when necessary.

Lastly, it’s important to establish leadership and boundaries when it comes to integrating a Karelian Bear Dog into a household. 

These dogs are brilliant and independent, requiring firm but positive reinforcement training to prevent behavioral issues. With proper attention and care, Karelian Bear Dogs make loyal and affectionate companions for both functional roles and family life in India.

10. Karelian Bear Dogs as working dogs or family pets in India

Karelian Bear Dogs can serve as working dogs and family pets in India. Their innate hunting skills make them valuable assets in tracking and hunting big game, while their affectionate and loyal nature allows them to fit right in with families. These dogs require adequate training and socialization from a young age to hone their natural hunting skills and develop their ability to coexist with other individuals and pets. 

Working dogs need plenty of physical exercises to maintain their stamina and energy. As family pets, they thrive on attention and affection from their owners and love being a part of daily family activities. 

Careful consideration should be given to the temperament and personality of the dog when deciding whether it would be best suited for working or family life.

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Karelian bear dog price in India

karelian bear dog price in India

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