Can dogs eat oranges?

Can dogs eat oranges? You might be wondering if it’s safe to feed oranges to your dog. The answer, like so many other things, is that it depends.

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We believe it is critical to provide accurate information regarding canine nutrition at The BarkJunction. We’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of offering oranges to dogs in this post. We’ll also give you some advice on how to feed bananas to your dog securely.

Are Oranges Safe for Dogs?

Canines can benefit from some fruits, but can they eat oranges? Oranges are not poisonous to dogs, so your pooch can enjoy this sweet and juicy fruit. The citric acid and natural sugars in oranges are not harmful to your dog unless you feed them too much.

Oranges are high in vitamin C and fiber, and most dogs enjoy the taste. Even though canines do not require vitamin C supplements, fresh sources of this vitamin, such as dog-safe vegetables and fruits, might benefit a dog’s immune system.

Can dogs, however, eat orange peels? When a mischievous pooch gets ahold of some discarded rinds, pet parents question if dogs can eat the peels as well because they contain even more nutrients than the fruit’s meat. Unfortunately, dogs cannot eat orange peels because they are difficult to digest and can cause intestinal blockage. Refrain from giving orange peels to your dog because the hazards outweigh the advantages.

Depending on their size, you can treat your dog with one or two slices (smaller breeds) or a tiny orange (big dogs). Despite their vitamin content and delectability, oranges should not be consumed on a regular basis but rather as a special occasion treat.

Can dogs eat oranges?
Can dogs eat oranges

Is Vitamin C in oranges beneficial to dogs?

Vitamin C helps us stay healthy; therefore, we eat oranges. Dogs, on the other hand, make Vitamin C naturally and do not require a nutritional supply.

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Can dogs have an orange allergy?

Although fiber and vitamin C are beneficial, what about allergic reactions? Some unfortunate canines are allergic to citric acid. It’s most likely an allergic reaction if you observe your pooch has skin inflammation, itching, hair loss, or an ear infection.

Additionally, your dog may be allergic to limonene, a substance found largely in orange peels. As a result, you should gradually incorporate oranges into your dog’s diet.

Can puppies eat oranges?

You can give your puppy oranges, but only in little amounts. In comparison to their adult counterparts, puppies are more prone to intestinal disturbances. Always remember to remove the peel, pith, and seeds, just like with adult dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?

Before feeding your dog orange slices, make sure the peel and seeds are removed. The peel is tough to digest and might lead to intestinal blockage. The oils in the peel can also produce upset GI distress (an upset stomach), resulting in vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration.

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Is Orange Juice Safe for Dogs?

The orange juice is frequently sweetened and has a high acidic content, inducing stomach upset in canines. It may also be more difficult to determine how much orange juice your dog consumed when using juice. It’s best to avoid giving orange juice to your dog, mainly because it has no substantial health benefits for them.

Eating the Peel, Seeds

As previously stated, dogs should not eat the peel, seeds, or pith (the white line between the peel and the flesh) of oranges. These parts include harmful compounds that may lead to stomach upset in your dog but are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Keep an eye on your dog if they eat an orange peel. Make an appointment with your veterinarian if they have been vomiting or have diarrhea for more than two days.

When Should Dogs Avoid Oranges?

In addition to being high in vitamin C, oranges are also high in natural sugar. Too much sugar in your dog’s system can create an upset stomach if you feed them too many oranges or a complete orange if they are a smaller breed. This can lead to stomach and/or bowel problems.

If your dog is diabetic, this may not be the greatest fruit for them to eat because it might cause a surge in their blood sugar levels, which can lead to major difficulties and a trip to the veterinarian.

Another factor to consider is the different parts of the orange since not all of them are safe to eat with your dog. The rind is high in vitamin C, but if packed by your pet, it can cause blockage in their digestive tract, gastrointestinal problems, or even choking.

Can all breeds and sizes of dogs eat oranges?

Your dog’s size and breed may impact how they digest oranges. Large breed dogs are more tolerant to higher doses than small breed dogs.

While a Husky or German Shepherd could be able to eat two or three segments of orange without any issue, a Yorkie or Pomeranian would most likely experience stomach upset if they ate that much.

Also, compared to a larger dog, the same amount of orange would make up a significantly higher proportion of a smaller dog’s daily calorie and sugar intake.

Swallowing a Whole Orange

Observe your dog closely if he or she snatches an entire orange from the counter and swallows it. The fruit will most likely pass on its own, but contact your veterinarian if your dog is in pain or suddenly refuses to have its stomach handled. Your dog may be having a blockage.

How many oranges can a dog eat in one sitting?

If your dog is healthy and likes oranges, there’s no harm in giving them a piece or two every now and then. As with any new food or treat you give your dog, feed them less at first to see if they have any adverse reactions. Also, treats should account for no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calorie intake.

Can dogs eat different types of oranges?

Oranges of all kinds are generally safe for dogs to eat. Simply remove the seeds, pith, and peel, or use navel oranges, which do not contain seeds but still require peel and pith removal.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? | Can Dogs Have Oranges? | Are Oranges Good for Dogs?

Can dogs eat oranges


Dogs, like people, benefit from a diet rich in whole, healthy foods. They can eat oranges with various other fruits and vegetables, and they may even benefit from the nutrients in oranges. 

However, introducing new food to your dog’s diet can lead to an upset stomach. In Case your dog experiences any discomfort, call the veterinarian.

Can dogs eat oranges

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