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Are you thinking of adding a loyal, loving companion to your home? Look no further than the Briard dog! This breed is one of the oldest French breeds and has been around since the 8th century. If you’re considering getting a Briard, read on to find out their price range in India. Briard dog price in India

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Introduction to the Briard Dog Breed

The Briard is a large and active breed of dog from France, traditionally used for herding sheep and protecting them from predators. This breed is intelligent, energetic, and protective, making them an excellent watchdog.

They have floppy or pointed ears, sturdy bodies, and wavy fur. While they don’t always require lots of exercise, it’s essential to ensure they get plenty of physical activity and mental stimulation. If you’re considering adding a Briard to your family, it’s essential to know the price and availability of these dogs in India.

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Briard dog Price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationBriard
GroupHerding dogs
Height Male:24 – 28 inches
Height Female:22 – 26 inches
Weight Male:30 – 40 kg
Weight Female:25 – 35 kg
Life Span:10 – 12 Years
Litter Size:8 – 10
Size:Large dog
Other Names:Berger de Brie Berger Briard
Colors Available:Uniform black, fawn, grey or blue.
Coat:Double, wavy, long, fine
Grooming:High maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

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Price and Availability of Briard Dogs in India

When considering buying a Briard, it’s essential to know the price and availability in India. Generally, Briard puppies cost between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 80,000 but can be as high as Rs. 1,00,000 depending on pedigree and availability. Indian pariah dogs are also an option for pet owners looking for a dog on a budget.

They can usually be found for around Rs. 250,00-Rs. 30,000 and are known for their intelligence and obedience. It is also possible to purchase health-certified Briard puppies in India, which cost around ₹40000 – ₹60000. Buy from a reputable breeder to ensure your pup is healthy and well-bred.

Health-Certified Briard Puppies in India

To purchase a Briard puppy in India, you should always ensure it is health-certified. This means that the puppy has been examined by a veterinarian and is free of significant health issues. Many breeders in India will provide a health certificate for their puppies, but checking with the vet before making any purchases is essential.

Additionally, you should ensure that the puppy’s parents are registered with the Kennel Club of India and have undergone genetic testing for any hereditary health issues. Doing this guarantees that your new Briard puppy is healthy and will live a long, happy life.

How to Find a Reputable Breeder for Briards

Finding a reputable breeder for your Briard is essential to ensure you get a healthy and well-socialized puppy. It is vital to research the breeder you are considering to ensure they are certified and have a good reputation. When looking for a Briard puppy, it is essential to find one that is health-certified, has been socialized, and has received all necessary vaccinations.

A reputable breeder will be able to provide proof of the puppy’s vaccinations and will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the breed. Additionally, they should be willing to provide references from other people who have bought puppies from them. It is also wise to spend some time with the puppy before bringing it home to ensure it will fit into your lifestyle.

Briard dog price in india
Briard dog price in India

Tips and Tricks for Training Your Briard

Regarding training, Briards are easy to train as they are brilliant. However, you must first earn Briard’s respect through consistent obedience training. When you establish a good relationship and trust with your Briard, you will find that they are eager to please you and can learn quickly.

The trick to successful Briard training is to start early and be consistent with your methods. Break up the training routine by introducing fun activities to keep your Briard motivated and engaged. Additionally, it is crucial to seek advice from other Briard owners about their dogs’ harnesses and seek their advice on the best place to purchase one. With the right approach, you can have a well-behaved Briard in no time.

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Briard Dog Grooming Cost In India

The Briard is a unique-looking dog with long, wavy hair, requiring extra care and attention when it comes to grooming. Although the coat is self-cleaning, it must be groomed regularly to prevent tangles and mats from forming.

The cost of grooming a Briard can vary depending on how often you groom your pup and whether you decide to take him to a professional groomer or do it yourself. If you choose the professional route, the average cost of an introductory grooming session is around INR 3,000. However, if you decide to do it yourself, you can find quality grooming tools like combs, brushes, nail clippers, and more at local pet stores and online for a fraction of the cost.

Briard Training Cost In India

Training a Briard ensures your pup grows into a happy and well-behaved adult. Briard’s training costs can vary depending on how much training you want. Private lessons can range from a few hundred to several thousand rupees. Group classes are typically more affordable and start around ₹500. If you want to train your pup, you can find plenty of helpful books, videos, and websites available on the subject.

Briard Veterinarian Cost In India

The Briard is a healthy breed, but like all breeds, they are prone to specific health problems. Regular visits to the veterinarian are essential to ensure that your Briard is in good health. The cost of veterinary care will vary depending on your dog’s particular needs. For example, vaccinations and routine checkups will be less expensive than emergency care for a sick or injured dog.

The average cost of a veterinarian visit in India will range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000, depending on the clinic and services provided. Additionally, you should factor in the costs of preventive medicines and regular checkups.

Is Briard easy to train?

Intelligent and easily trained, the ever-popular German shepherd is active and likes to have something to do. Therefore, they need ample exercise daily; this is also true for the Briard.

Training your Briard will require patience and consistency, but the reward of having an obedient and well-mannered companion will be worth it in the end. Briards are intelligent dogs and can learn quickly with the proper guidance.

They are eager to please and respond well to positive reinforcement. With proper socialization and effective training methods, you can teach your Briard to enjoy the company of other animals and new people. Ongoing training classes are recommended to help strengthen your bond with your pup and keep them engaged in learning new things.

Are Briard aggressive?

Briards are an intelligent and loyal breed known to be very protective of their owners. While they can be aggressive towards other dogs, they can be trained to co-exist with other canines if they are properly socialized. They are also excellent watchdogs and will guard their family and property with all their strength.

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