Gordon Setter dog price In India | Feeding Cost | cost of a Gordon Setter in India | Gordon Setter price in India [All Major Cities]

Are you thinking about getting a Gordon Setter Dog? If so, how much do they cost? 

This blog post will look at the average price for a Gordon Setter Dog in India and give tips on finding the best deal. Read on to learn more! Gordon Setter Dog price in India

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Introduction to Gordon Setter Dog

The Gordon Setter is a loyal and loving breed of dog that has long been a favorite among dog owners. They are a medium-sized breed, with males standing 24 to 27 inches tall and weighing 55 to 80 pounds and females standing 23 to 26 inches tall and weighing 45 to 70 pounds. 

They have a distinguished look with their black and tan coats and unique temperament, making them excellent companion animals. 

They are brilliant, easy to train, and have an even-tempered disposition. They make an ideal pet for active families looking for a loyal companion.

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Gordon Setter dog price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationGordon Setter
GroupSporting dog
Origin:United Kingdom
Height Male:25 – 28 inches
Height Female:25 – 28 inches
Weight Male:32 – 36 kg
Weight Female:32 – 36 kg
Life Span:10 – 12 Years
Litter Size:6 – 8
Size:Large dog
Other Names:Gordons, Black and Tans
Colors Available:Black and tan
Coat:Straight and silky and wavy
Grooming:Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:yes

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Where to Find a Gordon Setter Breeder

Finding a Gordon Setter breeder in India can be challenging, but a few options are available. Mr n Mrs. Pet is an online Pet shop where you can find KCI-certified Gordon Setter puppies. 

You can also search for local breeders and contact them directly to ask about availability and pricing. 

Additionally, the Star Superstar Kennel is a widespread breeder in India specializing in Gordon Setters. When looking for a breeder, ask for proof of pedigree, health clearances, and information about the puppy’s parents. 

It is also essential to check reviews from other customers who have purchased from the same breeder. 

With some research and patience, you should find a reputable breeder who can provide you with a healthy and purebred Gordon Setter puppy.

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Training and Temperament of the Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is an intelligent and loyal breed, known for being easy to train and having a pleasant temperament. As a result, this breed makes an excellent family pet. 

They are eager to please their owners, which makes them an excellent choice for those looking for a loyal companion. The Gordon Setter is also highly alert and can make an excellent watchdog. 

They are known to be gentle and well-mannered with children, though they may be wary of unfamiliar people. Training should be consistent and positive reinforcement should be used to get the best results. 

Establishing yourself as the pack leader early on with this breed is essential, as they may otherwise become unruly or difficult to manage. With the proper training, the Gordon Setter can make an excellent pet for families or individuals.

Gordon Setter Dog price in india
Gordon Setter Dog price in india

Care and Health Considerations of the Gordon Setter

When purchasing a Gordon Setter puppy, it is crucial to consider the dog’s health and care needs. The dog should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible for a complete physical. 

The breed is known for having a high energy level, so regular exercise and plenty of playtimes will be necessary to keep the pup healthy and happy. Grooming should also be done regularly to keep the coat in optimal condition. Regular check-ups are also recommended to ensure the continued health of the pup, as well as any needed vaccinations or treatments.
With proper care and attention, owners can look forward to enjoying many years with their lovable Gordon Setter.

Gordon Setter Puppy Prices in India

When purchasing a Gordon Setter puppy in India, prices can vary depending on the breeder and the puppy’s age. A Gordon Setter puppy can range anywhere from Rs. 50,000/- to 80,000/-. However, certain breeders may charge more for their puppies. 

It is essential to research before making a purchase and ensures you are getting a healthy and well-bred pup with the correct temperaments. With that in mind, purchasing from a reputable breeder is always recommended.

Where to Shop for a Gordon Setter in India

Shopping for a Gordon Setter in India is easy, with various online pet shops selling purebred and KCI-certified puppies. Mr n Mrs. Pet is an online pet shop that provides healthy, purebred Gordon Setter puppies for sale in India. 

The price of these puppies is Rs 799, and the country of origin, manufacture, or assembly is India. Customers can also find verified dealers offering the best price and quotations for Gordon Setter puppies in Mumbai. 

Customers should do their due diligence when shopping for a Gordon Setter puppy, researching the breeders, their reputations, and the puppies’ parents to ensure they receive a healthy puppy.

Expectations for Gordon Setter Puppies

When purchasing a Gordon Setter puppy, it is crucial to understand the expectations for the breed. Gordon Setters are active and intelligent dogs that require regular exercise and training. 

They are loyal companions and make great family dogs if given the proper care and attention. 

They may bark a lot but can be trained to stop barking when necessary. They also require regular grooming to keep their coat looking their best. With the right care, a Gordon Setter will bring its owner many years of joy and companionship.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Gordon Setter Puppy

When purchasing a Gordon Setter puppy in India, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, it is crucial to make sure you purchase from a reputable breeder. 

It is also essential to understand the temperament and training requirements of the breed before making a commitment. Additionally, you should consider the health and care needs of the breed and make sure you can provide for them. Finally, you should also consider the puppy’s price, as these dogs can often be expensive. 

With these factors in mind, potential owners can find the perfect Gordon Setter for their family.

Gordon Setter Dog bark a lot?

The Gordon Setter Dog is a loyal and affectionate breed, but it’s important to remember that they tend to bark a lot. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it can be used to alert their owners of any potential danger or disturbances. However, it’s essential to ensure that their barking is managed correctly to ensure that it doesn’t become a nuisance to others. 

Appropriate training and socialization can help minimize barking and ensure they remain well-mannered family members. It’s also essential to give them plenty of exercise and stimulation to help keep their minds occupied and reduce the amount of barking.

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The Gordon Setter is an intelligent, loyal, and friendly breed that makes a great addition to any family. While they can be expensive to purchase from a reputable breeder, their good nature and gentle temper make them worth it. 

If you are looking for a loving companion that will be a part of the family for years to come, then the Gordon Setter may be a perfect choice. These lovable dogs can thrive in any environment with proper training and care.

Gordon Setter Dog price in India

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