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Labrador Retriever Dogs are considered as one of the best family dogs. They are loyal, intelligent, and have a very sweet nature. Labs make great service dogs and are often used by the police and military. They are also popular as guide dogs for the blind.

Labrador Retrievers come in three colors – black, chocolate, and yellow. The black Lab is the most common, followed by the chocolate Lab. The yellow Lab is the least common.

Labradors are large dogs, and males can weigh up to seventy pounds. The price of a Labrador Retriever in India depends on his color, gender, and age.

Labrador Dog Price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationLabrador Retriever
GroupSporting dog
Height Male:22 – 25 inches
Height Female:21 – 24 inches
Weight Male:29 – 36 kg
Weight Female:25 – 32 kg
Life Span:10 – 13 Years
Litter Size:5 to 10
Size:Large dog
Other Names:Labrador, St.John’s water dog, St.John’s dog, Newfoundland dog
Colors Available:Black, Chocolate and yellow
Coat:weather-resistant undercoat, short, thick, straight topcoat and a soft
Shedding:Moderate, Seasonal
Grooming:Low maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes
  • The average height of a male labrador is 22.5-24.5 inches.
  • The average height of a female labrador is 21.5-23.5 inches.
  • The average weight of a male labrador is 65-80 pounds
  • The average weight of a female labrador is 55-70 pounds
  • The average Life expectancy of a Labrador is between 10-12 years.
  • The Standard color of the labrador is Black, Chocolate,Yellow.

Maintenance cost of a Labrador Dog In India

A male Labrador Retriever can cost from INR 17,500 to INR 22,000. A female Labrador Retriever, which is often used as a puppy, can cost from INR 15,000 to INR 18,000. A seven-year-old male Labrador Retriever can cost from INR 20,000 to INR 22,000. And a seven-year-old female Labrador Retriever can cost from INR 17,000 to INR 18,000.

 labrador puppy price in India

labrador puppy price in India (2022)

The cost of a Labrador dog in India varies from place to place, if you live in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc it may cost higher than in other places in India

A Labrador dog in India costs between ₹5,000-₹45,000 if you get it from a reliable and reputable breeder.

Labrador Dog Price In Delhi

In Delhi, a Labrador retriever puppy costs between ₹9,000-₹30,000 according to the breeders.

Labrador Price In Kolkata

In Kolkata, the price of a Labrador puppy can range from ₹8,000 to ₹20,000, depending on the quality of the puppy and the reputation of the breeder.

Labrador Dog Price In Pune

Labrador puppies in Pune typically start at ₹8,000 and can go up to ₹30,000 for higher quality animals.

Labrador Puppy Price In Mumbai

The price of a Labrador Dog in Mumbai can range from ₹8,000 to ₹30,000 according to the breeders in Maharashtra.

Labrador Dog Price In Kerala

Labrador dogs in Kerala typically cost between ₹8,000-₹25,000, with show-quality breeds often costing even more.

Labrador Dog Price In Bangalore

The Labrador Retriever Puppies Price in Bangalore is between ₹9,000-₹20,000 if you go with a reputable breeder.

Labrador Dog Price In Tamilnadu

The cost of a Labrador in Tamilnadu can range from ₹7,000-₹20,000. Prices may be negotiable depending on the breeder.

Labrador Puppy Price In Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, the cost of a Labrador starts from ₹8,000-₹20,000. The cost of the breed may vary based on quality and availability.

Labrador Puppy Price In Punjab

The price of a Labrador dog in Punjab starts from ₹8,000-₹25,000, according to the breeders in the dog shows.

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Labrador Retriever Dog Price in Major Indian Cities | Labrador Dog Price In Different States of India 

CityPet quality (₹)Show quality (₹)Total Annual cost (₹)
labrador dog price in india

Labrador Dog Grooming Cost In India

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in India and is known for its loyalty and friendly nature. They are also known to be one of the easiest breeds to groom.

The cost of grooming a Labrador retriever in India is relatively low when compared to other countries. In India, the average cost of grooming a Labrador retriever is between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000. This cost includes bathing, trimming nails, and brushing their coat.

labrador dog price in india
labrador dog price in india

Labrador Dog Training Cost In India 

Training a Labrador dog in India can be an expensive endeavor. The average cost of obedience training is between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000. This cost can increase if you need specialized training for your Labrador.

The average cost of Board and Train Programs is Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000. The cost of training a Labrador can also vary depending on the obedience level you want to achieve and how long it takes for your Labrador to learn the commands. 

Labrador Dog Veterinarian Cost In India

The cost of a Labrador Dog Veterinarian in India can vary depending on the clinic that you go to. The average cost for a consultation is around Rs. 500, but this can differ from place to place. If you are looking for a more comprehensive check-up, the cost can go up to Rs. 2,000.

There are many clinics that offer discounts for annual packages, so it is worth considering this option if you are a pet owner. Generally, the cost of a Labrador dog veterinarian in India is reasonable and there are many options available to suit your budget. 

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Labrador Temperament

Labradors are active, athletic dogs that enjoy physical activity. They need to be active, which includes walking and swimming. They are very smart and deserve a good education so that they can learn to think for themselves. In addition, they should be trained to swim as a child. Labradors are good with children, but they should not be allowed to roam.

Labrador Grooming

The Lab has a thick, water-repellant double coat that sheds. Give occasional baths to keep them clean and trimmed nails. As with all breeds, the Lab’s nails should be trimmed regularly and his teeth brushed frequently.

Labrador Excercise

The Labrador Retriever is an active breed that requires daily exercise to stay healthy and happy. Without enough exercise, Labs may become destructive or hyperactive as they try to release their excess energy. This breed loves to swim and play fetch, making them great friends for active people.

Labrador Food/Nutrition

Labradors are excellent family pets. However, you should select a food that is appropriate for your dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior). The best diet will help prevent your dog from becoming overweight.

If your dog is overweight, you should watch the calories consumed. It is important that you feed your dog appropriate human food, such as a meat-based diet, that is safe for your dog.

There are many human foods that are not safe for your dog, including milk, chocolate, and some foods with high sugar content. It is important to know what foods are safe for your dog. 

cost of a Labrador Retriever puppy in India

Are Labradors easy to train?

Most Labradors are bred to be working dogs, so they have a natural inclination to please their owners and are therefore easy to train. However, like all breeds, each Labrador has its own unique personality and some may be more stubborn or independent than others.

The best way to find out how easily your Labrador will be to train is to consult with the breeder or previous owner, if possible. Generally speaking, though, Labradors are intelligent, eager to please, and quick learners – all qualities that make them easy to train. 

Are Labradors aggressive?

The Labrador is a gentle, loving breed of dog. They are not an aggressive breed, and are in fact, known for being especially good with children.

Labs are active, outgoing dogs who love to play and have a strong swimmer’s build, which makes them excellent candidates for water sports and activities.

They are also an intelligent breed, ranking among the top three percent of all dogs in terms of working and obedience intelligence. 

Do Labradors shed a lot?

Yes, Labradors do shed a lot of hair, and you will find it all over your house, on carpets, sofas, TVs, bathrooms, and in your food. You might accidentally eat it without realizing it.

In addition to brushing your pet regularly, you could lessen the amount of fur that is lost by doing so every other day. 

Are Labs good indoor dogs?

The Labradors are wonderful indoor dogs and are popular with people. They are one of the most preferred breeds of dogs for this reason.

Are Labradors easy to train?

Yes, they are quite easy to train and quickly learn to obey commands within a few weeks of training.

Are Labradors high maintenance?

 Labradors need a lot of emotional attention.

In addition to obesity, these pets are very low maintenance. 

How many colors do Labradors come in?

Labradors come in three colors. Whitish yellow, Chocolate brown, Black. Whitish yellow is the most common color. 

Is a Labrador good for first-time owners?

Labrador is a great choice for first-time owners as they have the calmest, most gentle and most friendly temperament which makes them very easy to train and maintain.

Is it better to get a male Labrador or a female Labrador?

 Male dogs can be more protective than female dogs, and male dogs tend to be more active and friendly than female dogs. 

Do Labradors bark a lot?

Labrador retrievers are usually not a lot of barkers but they may bark more if they don’t socialize, are not loved, and don’t get enough exercise.

Is Lab a family dog?

Labrador is a perfect family dog. He will go along with any family member and will also be good around children in the house.

Is Labrador hypoallergenic ?

No, it is not true that labradors are hypoallergenic. Since they shed a lot, it is not a great choice for someone who is allergic to dog hair.

What is the best dog food for a Labrador?

There are many types of dog food on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your animal. When it comes to Labradors, it is important to find a food that is high in protein and fat.

This is because these dogs are very active and need the extra energy to sustain them. Many brands offer special formulations for active dogs, so be sure to read the labels carefully. It is also a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about which type of food would be best for your Labrador. 

How much does a Labrador puppy cost? 🤔🐶 video

labrador dog price in india

Cost of a Labrador Dog In India – FAQ

Should I get a labrador puppy?

This depends on if you want a pet, a companion, or a working dog. Dogs are best suited for the first two roles, but can be trained to be working dogs if you’re able to dedicate the time and effort to doing so.

Do I want a pet, or a companion?

There is no right or wrong answer, but the best decision is to consider your own needs and lifestyle.
A pet is something that you own. You feed it, take it to the vet, and provide the basics of care.

What is the average Labrador Puppy price in India?

The average price for a Labrador puppy is between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000. This price range varies depending on the breeder’s reputation, the quality of the puppies, and whether the puppies are show quality or working dogs. Some factors that can affect the price of a Labrador puppy include coat color (Black, Yellow, or Chocolate).

labrador dog price in India, wikipedia

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