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The Azawakh is a rare and exotic dog breed originating from West Africa. Over the years, these dogs have gained immense popularity in India, resulting in a surge in demand for them. 

However, with that comes the question of their price in the Indian market. In this blog, we’ll delve into the Azawakh dog price in India and explore what factors influence their cost. 

So if you’re an avid dog lover looking to add an Azawakh to your pack, keep reading to know what you can expect to pay! Azawakh dog price in India

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Azawakh dog price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationAzawakh
GroupHound dog
Height Male:25 – 30 inches
Height Female:23 – 28 inches
Weight Male:20 – 25 kg
Weight Female:15 – 25 kg
Life Span:10 – 15 Years
Litter Size:3 – 7
Size:Large dog
Other Names:Tuareg, Idi, Wulo, Rawondy, Hanshee, Sloughi, Osaka, Bareeru
Colors Available:sand, fawn, dark fawn, brown
Coat:short coat, smooth
Grooming:Moderate maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

1. Introduction: Azawakh Breed and Characteristics

The Azawakh is a rare breed of dog that is gaining popularity in India due to its unique and exotic appearance. This breed originated in West Africa and is known for its lean frame, long legs, and elegant gait. 

In terms of temperament, the Azawakh is an independent and intelligent dog fiercely loyal to its owner. 

In this blog section, readers will learn more about the Azawakh breed, its characteristics, and its cost of ownership in India. His information will help potential owners decide whether an Azawakh is a right dog for them.

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2. Cost of Owning an Azawakh in India

The Azawakh is a rare dog breed, so owning one in India can be costly. Owning an Azawakh puppy in India can range from ₹35,000 to ₹55,000. 

However, the initial cost of purchasing the dog is just the beginning of the expenses associated with owning an Azawakh. 

Additional charges include vet bills, food, grooming, training, and other necessary expenses. It is essential to factor in these costs before adopting an Azawakh. 

Despite their high price tag, Azawakhs are loyal companions and cherished family members to those who invest in their care.

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3. Factors Affecting Azawakh Dog Price in India

Numerous factors can affect the price of an Azawakh dog in India. One of the main factors is the breed’s rarity, which makes it challenging to find reputable breeders. 

Additionally, importing Azawakh from its native West African countries can increase the overall price. 

The dog’s age, gender, color, and lineage also heavily affect the price. Lastly, the cost of maintaining an Azawakh, which includes food, grooming, and regular vet check-ups, should also be considered before purchasing one. 

Despite the higher price tag, the Azawakh’s unique qualities and loyal temperament make it a worthwhile investment for dog lovers.

Azawakh dog price In India

4. Popular Places to Buy Azawakh Dogs in India

After considering the cost and factors affecting the price of an Azawakh dog in India, interested buyers would naturally want to know where to find them. Popular places to buy Azawakh dogs in India include reputable breeders, pet stores, and online marketplaces. 

It’s essential to do research and only buy from reputable sources to ensure the health and well-being of the puppy. 

It’s also worth considering adoption options or contacting Azawakh rescue organizations in India. Regardless of where you ultimately decide to purchase your Azawakh puppy, ensuring you can provide them with a safe and loving home is the most important thing.

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5. Raising and Training an Azawakh Puppy

Raising and Training an Azawakh puppy requires patience, consistency, and a firm but gentle hand. As they are a breed with a strong pack mentality, it is crucial to establish yourself as the leader from a young age. 

Early socialization is also necessary to prevent aggression towards strangers or other animals. 

Training should be positive and reward-based, and it is recommended to start with basic commands such as sit, stay, and come before moving on to more advanced training. 

It is important to note that Azawakhs are independent thinkers and may not always follow commands without question. However, they can become well-behaved and loyal companions with proper training and socialization.

6. Azawakh Health Concerns and Maintenance

Regarding the health concerns of Azawakh, owners can be assured that this breed does not have many breed-specific issues. Nonetheless, preventive measures are still necessary. 

Regular exercise is vital to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Apart from that, owners should also watch their diet and food intake. 

As for maintenance, their short coat only requires brushing once a week.

Regarding vet bills, Azawakh owners can expect to pay an average of Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 80,000/- annually. 

In addition to that, pet insurance can help cover unexpected costs. 

With proper care and attention, Azawakh can live a happy and healthy life with their owners.

7. Understanding the Azawakh’s Temperament

Before getting one as your pet, the Azawakh breed’s temperament is essential. 

This breed is known for being independent, strong-willed, and loyal to its family members. 

In addition, their innate skills in tracking, hunting, and guarding make them excellent companions for families who love to be outdoors. 

However, due to their breed’s history in the desert regions of West Africa, Azawakhs require patience and socialization, starting from an early age, to adapt to new environments and people. 

Potential owners should also be prepared to meet their energy levels as they require daily exercise and mental stimulation, such as obedience training and playing with their owners. 

Despite their aloof nature towards strangers, Azawakhs are gentle with children and can get along with other pets if socialized correctly. 

Knowing Azawakh’s temperament and needs can help potential pet owners provide their furry companions with a loving and fulfilling life.

8. Comparing Azawakh to Other Dog Breeds

Regarding dog breeds, there are many options to choose from. The Azawakhs stand out for their unique characteristics compared to other dog breeds. 

These dogs are known for their lean bodies and exotic looks, similar to a greyhound or a Pharaoh Hound. Although they are not as common in India as other breeds, they are still a great companion. 

When compared to other dogs, the Azawakh are intelligent and independent, making them less likely to bond with their owners in the way that other breeds do. 

However, proper training and socialization can form strong bonds with their owners. 

Overall, it’s essential to research and compares different dog breeds to ensure you find the best fit for your lifestyle and personality.

9. Azawakh Adoption and Rescue in India

Adopting or rescuing an Azawakh in India is a noble act that can save a life and give a home to a deserving pooch. 

Adopting an Azawakh can save you high costs as you skip the expenses of purchasing one. Many animal shelters and rescue organizations in India have Azawakh dogs for adoption. 

These organizations often screen the adopters, ensuring the dog goes to a loving home. 

When adopting or rescuing an Azawakh, paying attention to their health and temperament is essential, as they may have undergone a challenging past. It is also worth considering the compatibility between the dog and your lifestyle before proceeding with adoption.

Azawakh Dog – Top 10 Facts video

Azawakh dog price In India

10. Conclusion: Is an Azawakh the Right Dog for You?

After exploring the different aspects of owning an Azawakh dog, you must ask yourself if this breed fits you. 

Azawakhs are unique dogs with specific needs that may not be suitable for everyone. Consider your lifestyle and living situation before making your decision. 

Are you an active individual who can provide ample exercise and outdoor time for your dog? 

Do you have a secure and spacious yard for them to roam around? 

Can you commit to their training needs and provide ample socialization opportunities?

 If you answered yes to these questions, then an Azawakh could be a great addition to your family. 

However, if you have limited time or resources, consider a different breed that fits your lifestyle better. Remember, owning a pet is a big responsibility and requires careful consideration.

Azawakh dog price In India

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