American Eskimo dog price In India | Feeding Cost | cost of an American Eskimo in India | American Eskimo price in India [All Major Cities]

American Eskimo dog price in India

Hi there! If you’re looking for information on American Eskimo Dogs in India, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will discuss everything from prices to where you can find these lovable pups. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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American Eskimo dog Price in India & Facts | Basic Information

Basic InformationAmerican Eskimo Dog
GroupHerding dogs
Origin:United States
Height Male:23 – 48 cm
Height Female:23 – 40 cm
Weight Male:4 – 16 kg
Weight Female:3 – 12 kg
Life Span:13 – 15 Years
Litter Size:1 – 5
Size:Small dog
Other Names:Spitz
Colors Available:White with cream or biscuit markings
Coat:Heavy, thick, double
Grooming:High maintenance
Kids Friendly:Yes

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American Eskimo Dog Grooming Cost In India

American Eskimo dogs are a medium-sized breed of Spitz-type dogs. The American Eskimo dog is a member of the Spitz family, which includes other Nordic breeds such as the Samoyed, the Chow Chow, the Akita, and the Greenland Dog. American Eskimo dogs have a thick double coat that needs to be brushed regularly to prevent matting. They are also considered to be a moderate shedding breed.

The cost of grooming an American Eskimo dog in India will depend on the size of the dog, the length of its coat, and which type of grooming services you require. Essential grooming services (such as washing, trimming nails, and cleaning ears) will start from around ₹1,000. Prices for more extensive grooming services (such as clipping and scissoring) will increase. You can expect to pay about ₹3,000 for complete grooming services from a professional groomer.

american eskimo dog price in india
american eskimo dog price in india

American Eskimo Training Cost In India

Dogs have been loyal and loving companions to humans for centuries now. Dogs have been known to help humans in various tasks such as hunting, security, guiding the blind, and many more. Different dog breeds have additional capabilities. Some dogs are better at specific tasks than others. This guide will look at the prices of various dog breeds in India and also see which ones are better suited for particular tasks.

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American Eskimo Veterinarian Cost In India

The cost of owning an American Eskimo dog in India is not cheap. The price of AMERICAN ESKIMO food, veterinarian care, and other essentials can add up quickly. AMERICAN ESKIMO dog owners in India can expect to pay between Rs. 5,000 and 10,000 per month to properly care for their beloved pets.

American Eskimos Dog Price in Major Indian Cities | American Eskimos Dog Price In Different States of India

States NameAmerican Eskimo Dog Price
Andhra PradeshRs 60,500 to 70,500
Arunachal PradeshRs 60,500 to 70,500
AssamRs 60,500 to 70,500
BiharRs 60,500 to 70,500
ChhattisgarhRs 60,500 to 70,500
GoaRs 60,500 to 70,500
GujaratRs 60,500 to 70,500
HaryanaRs 60,500 to 70,500
Himachal PradeshRs 60,500 to 70,500
JharkhandRs 60,500 to 70,500
KarnatakaRs 60,500 to 70,500
KeralaRs 60,500 to 70,500
Madhya PradeshRs 60,500 to 70,500
MaharashtraRs 60,500 to 70,500
ManipurRs 60,500 to 70,500
MeghalayaRs 60,500 to 70,500
MizoramRs 60,500 to 70,500
NagalandRs 60,500 to 70,500
OdishaRs 60,500 to 70,500
PunjabRs 60,500 to 70,500
RajasthanRs 60,500 to 70,500
SikkimRs 60,500 to 70,500
Tamil NaduRs 60,500 to 70,500
TelanganaRs 60,500 to 70,500
TripuraRs 60,500 to 70,500
Uttar PradeshRs 60,500 to 70,500
UttarakhandRs 60,500 to 70,500
West BengalRs 60,500 to 70,500

Are American Eskimos easy to train?

No definitive answer exists since training methods that work well with one American Eskimo Dog may not work well with another. However, American Eskimos are typically intelligent and eager to please, which makes them generally easy to train. As with any dog, patience and consistency are key when training an American Eskimo Dog.

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Are American Eskimos aggressive?

Often considered one of the most friendly and good-natured Spitz breeds, the American Eskimo Dog is an affectionate family companion. They are loyal and protective of their family but not typically aggressive. A well-socialized American Eskimo Dog will get along fine with other pets and strangers but may be a little reserved around new people. This breed loves to bark and make noise, so they may not be the best choice for apartment dwellers or those who prefer a quiet household.

american eskimo dog price in india
american eskimo dog price in india

Are American Eskimo good indoor dogs?

The American Eskimo Dog is a versatile breed that does well in various homes. While they may prefer a yard to run and play in, they are just as happy living in an apartment as long as they get plenty of exercises. American Eskimos are active dogs that need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, although they will appreciate more if you can provide it.

Are American Eskimos high maintenance?

It depends on the individual dog. Some American Eskimos are high maintenance, while others are relatively low maintenance. The key is to find an American Eskimo that suits your lifestyle and needs.

How many colors do American Eskimos come in?

The American Eskimo Dog is a member of the Spitz family. Its heritage lies in Germany, known as the German Spitz. At one time, six different sizes of German Spitz existed, ranging in height from 9 inches (23 cm) to 28 inches (71 cm). The American Eskimo Dog is descended from the German Spitz but has developed into a unique breed over the years.

American Eskimos come in three sizes: toy, miniature, and standard. They come in various colors: white, black, cream, and biscuit.

american eskimo dog price in india
american eskimo dog price in india

Is an American Eskimo good for first-time owners?

The American Eskimo Dog is a good choice for first-time owners. They are intelligent, trainable, and loyal companions. They are also good with children and other pets. However, they may be too energetic for some people.

Do American Eskimos bark a lot?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as every dog is different. Some American Eskimos may bark more than others, but on the whole, they are not considered to be a particularly vocal breed. If you are concerned about excessive barking, it is always best to speak to a reputable breeder or your veterinarian for advice.

Top 7 American Eskimo Dog Facts (and Price!) – video

american eskimo dog price in India – FAQ

What is price of American Eskimo in India?

The average price of an American Eskimo Dog in India is between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 20,000. 

Is American Eskimo Dog available in India?

Is American Eskimo Dog available in India?
The American Eskimo Dog is a beautiful, intelligent breed that makes a great companion. Unfortunately, they are not currently available in India. There are a few reasons for this. First, the American Eskimo Dog is not a popular breed in India. Second, they are not well-suited to the climate in India. Third, the cost of importing an American Eskimo Dog to India would be quite high. If you are interested in owning an American Eskimo Dog, you would need to look for a breeder in another country.

How much do American Eskimo dogs cost?

American Eskimo dogs are a popular breed of dog in the United States, and they typically cost between rs.15000 and rs.20,000. However, prices can vary depending on the breeder, the dog’s lineage, and other factors. In India, American Eskimo dogs may cost slightly less or slightly more, depending on the same factors. Overall, American Eskimo dogs are a moderate-priced breed of dog, and they make great pets for families and individuals alike.

american eskimo dog price in india

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